Final Project

Name of Student: Monya Karakotly

ID: 900070381

LALT section: 05

Spring 2010

Final Project

Research Question:

What is the relationship between dieting and anorexia?

A website:

Clinic, Cleveland. “Anorexia Nervsa”. Cleveland Clinic. 05 February 2010. Web. 2 May 2010.

A current news article on topic:

Brazelton, Berry. Sparrow, Joshua. “Families Today: Many factors involved in height, including gense and hormones.” Press Herald, ‎March 20 2010‎. March 22 2010.

A popular non-news article:

Kaye, Walter H., Julie L. Fudge, and Martin Paulus. “New insights into symptoms and neurocircuit function of anorexia                         nervosa.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience 10.8 (2009): 573-584. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 9 May 2010.

Two scholarly articles:

Reba-Harrelson, L, et al. “Patterns and prevalence of disordered eating and weight control behaviors in women ages 25-                                    45.”Eating And Weight Disorders: EWD 14.4 (2009): e190-e198. MEDLINE. EBSCO. Web. 19 Apr. 2010.
Bekker, Marrie H. J., and Sonja T. P. Spoor. “Emotional inhibition, health, gender, and eating disorders: The role of (over)                    sensitivity to others.” Emotion regulation: Conceptual and clinical issues. 170-183. New York, NY US: Springer Science + Business Media, 2008. PsycINFO. EBSCO. Web. 19 Apr. 2010.

A book (available at AUC Library):

Moorey, James. Living with anorexia.Manchester: Manchester University Press 1991.

A film (available at AUC Library):

Slim Hopes (videorecording): advertising and the obsession with thinness. Kilbourne, Jean. Northampton, Mass: Media Education Foundation 2002.


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