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Final Project

May 9, 2010

Name of Student: Monya Karakotly

ID: 900070381

LALT section: 05

Spring 2010

Final Project

Research Question:

What is the relationship between dieting and anorexia?

A website:

Clinic, Cleveland. “Anorexia Nervsa”. Cleveland Clinic. 05 February 2010. Web. 2 May 2010.

A current news article on topic:

Brazelton, Berry. Sparrow, Joshua. “Families Today: Many factors involved in height, including gense and hormones.” Press Herald, ‎March 20 2010‎. March 22 2010.

A popular non-news article:

Kaye, Walter H., Julie L. Fudge, and Martin Paulus. “New insights into symptoms and neurocircuit function of anorexia                         nervosa.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience 10.8 (2009): 573-584. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 9 May 2010.

Two scholarly articles:

Reba-Harrelson, L, et al. “Patterns and prevalence of disordered eating and weight control behaviors in women ages 25-                                    45.”Eating And Weight Disorders: EWD 14.4 (2009): e190-e198. MEDLINE. EBSCO. Web. 19 Apr. 2010.
Bekker, Marrie H. J., and Sonja T. P. Spoor. “Emotional inhibition, health, gender, and eating disorders: The role of (over)                    sensitivity to others.” Emotion regulation: Conceptual and clinical issues. 170-183. New York, NY US: Springer Science + Business Media, 2008. PsycINFO. EBSCO. Web. 19 Apr. 2010.

A book (available at AUC Library):

Moorey, James. Living with anorexia.Manchester: Manchester University Press 1991.

A film (available at AUC Library):

Slim Hopes (videorecording): advertising and the obsession with thinness. Kilbourne, Jean. Northampton, Mass: Media Education Foundation 2002.


Assignment 10

May 3, 2010
  • Please describe or explain three skills or concepts you learned in LALT 101 this semester.

I have learnt the following?

  1. how to blog
  2. how to use the AUC library website effectively
  3. how to be able to determine whether an article or a journal popular and scholarly and that will be of great help to me when I come to do important papers for example.
  • Think about the topics we covered in LALT 101 this semester. What ideas are you still confused about? Or, what would you have liked to spend more time practicing or learning?

I am still not sure how to find videos for example on the AUC library website.

  • What did you like about blogging through WordPress?

I really enjoyed blogging and that was mainly because it was my first time to actually try as I thought before that it would be boring, but it was a positive surprise.

  • What didn’t you like about blogging through WordPress?

Although I did enjoy blogging, there were some parts of it that I did not enjoy such as the fact that it was compulsory and that we had to do it every single week and sometimes the assignment questions were not very useful or helpful.

  • Anything else you’d like to tell us about LALT?

I have to be honest, before starting LALT, I was dreading it, especially since it was ‘creditless’ and therefore I presumed that it would be pointless but it turned out to be pretty interesting and I must admit I have learnt a lot.

Assinment 9

May 2, 2010

1. Find a website or webpage that provides information that could help you answer your research question.

This is te website that  I am going to use:
2. Post the citation for this website to your blog. Give three reasons that you think this is a trustworthy source.

Cittion: Clinic, Cleveland. “Anorexia Nervsa”. Cleveland Clinic. 05/02/10

 I know this is a trustworthy source because of the following:

  • The website is created by a medicl clinic
  • Becuause of the above reason, the people discussing the topic know what they are talking about,
  • The website is very detailed and mentions everything we need to know about anorexia,
  • The layout of the website is professional and quite boring.