Assignment 3

1. What is your research question for this activity?

  • What is the relationship between dieting and anorexia?

2. What are the two most important keywords in this research question?

  • Dieting and anorexia.

3. Are there any synonyms or related terms that you need to consider? What are they?

  • Eating disorders
  • regime, restriction.

4. How would you narrow this topic? Broaden it?

  • Narrow it by: Focusing on a certain country, gender and certain age group.
  • Broaden it by: By discussing how the whole world for example (both males and females, people of different age groups, race etc) are affected by this specific topic.

5. Give two possible search statements for this topic.

  • “dieting AND anorexia” 
  • “dieting OR anorexia”

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